5 tips for starting up your business

Starting up a business can be an exciting time, but it takes a lot of planning if you want to navigate initial challenges and ensure your business stands the test of time. To help you create a successful startup, here are some helpful tips from our Gold Coast digital marketing team.

Highlight a point of difference

If you want to create a business that will succeed long term, you need to ensure your product or service stands out from the competition. Think about what it is you can do differently. Consider qualities such as unique features and benefits, increased availability and convenience or improved benefits or customer service.

Establish a unified brand

In order to become a trusted and recognisable business, you need to establish a clear and unified brand identity. Choose your motto or mission statement and adopt a logo and company colours to represent this vision. Decide on your brand’s unique voice and style and reflect this in your website, branding and marketing.

Hire a legal professional

It is essential that you seek legal guidance for future interactions with customers, users and suppliers. A lawyer can help you draw up contracts to establish the rights and expectations of your business’s founders and employees. You may also require legal assistance obtaining patents, copyright or licencing for your brands, services or products. Make sure you find a law firm, such as Gold Coast law firm Avis & Funk, who offer flexible and transparent services for modern day brands.

Start networking

You know the saying; in business it’s not what you know, but who you know. Networking with a diverse group of people both in person and online can help you connect with potential customers, suppliers and business partners. Attend as many networking events and business expos as possible and create a LinkedIn account to develop online connections.

Embrace digital marketing

In today’s digital era, it’s important to embrace everything digital marketing has to offer. Once you have created a unified brand, you need to establish a strong digital presence. Begin by creating a clear and optimised web design with a user-friendly design, then establish yours business on all major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business.

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