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Google Ads

How many times a week do you hear someone say, “Google it”? As the most globally recognised search engine, Google has become one of the world’s most powerful databases. For everything from quiche recipes, to global population statistics, Google finds what you’re looking for. Nowadays a huge amount of web traffic originates from Google, so it’s important that your business has a strong digital presence. The more effective your online marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, the higher you will rank on Google searches. It’s that simple.

Why are Google rankings so important?

Well, we like to answer that question with another– how often do you scroll to the second or third page of Google? Whether your are just starting out or fully established, the higher up your business is on a Google listing, the more likely it is that you will get noticed.

How do Google Ads work?

Getting listed on Google’s front page can take years, but luckily there is a simple solution! Google Ads. Google Ads are a popular form of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, which promote businesses via advertisements that appear on search engine results page. With Google Ads, your business ads appear in the top and or bottom slots of Google search results when customers search certain terms or keywords related to your industry (e.g. plumbers Gold Coast or printing services Brisbane) and then you pay each time a customer clicks the link to your website. This simple online marketing technique allows you to be seen in a database that is searched 3.5 billion times a day.

How can Media 93 help?

Our Gold Coast team are committed to creating engaging Google Ad listings to help your business stand out in Google searches. We stay up to date with online marketing trends to identify target keywords related to your industry and get the best results possible. With our help you can make Google’s front page and get seen by customers in your local area.